Looking Ahead: Hottest Home Upgrades and Options

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  • Sep 13, 2019
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From clothes to food to especially home design, the latest “in” things are sure to show up on Pinterest, Houzz and high-end magazines. While timeless selections never go out of style, some interior design trends now represent changes in bigger issues such as the environment, technology and time-efficiency for busy families. This has never been truer than in 2019 and these latest designs abound in Artisan Built Communities. 

#1 SUSTAINABILITY - Consider the following as you make selections for your New Home. 

Sustainability is a movement that is becoming more widespread than ever, specifically as it pertains to design. The concept of living a more eco-conscious lifestyle has become ingrained in the methodology of many designers, especially as it relates to how they approach their craft. There is a shift towards longevity-focused materials and details. The quality, endurance and aesthetics of these selections will last for years. Maintenance-Free Lifestyles are gaining more popularity in new construction. 

#2 Minimalistic Is In.... Minimalistic, streamlined design will evolve into bold new details. Good-bye whitewashed. Hello dynamic tones. Earthier and tertiary pigments offer a nice color mix that can fit into a multitude of environments and pair well with simpler and more eclectic hues. Many design sources predict a patina explosion for home interiors. “All-white interiors are on their way out; the huge assortment of vividly colored spaces in the IKEA 2019 catalog proves it. The catalog emphasizes spaces filled with different shades of the same color or color family. The result is a lively, eye- popping collection of rooms that, hopefully, inspires you to take some colorful risks in your own space.” 

#3 Bold Kitchens The kitchen that is a whiter shade of pale, is becoming more colorful. The kitchens pinned on Pinterest are full of darker shades, distinctive accents, and backsplashes that move beyond subway tile. This trend will lend itself to brick accent walls. HGTV has really popularized the idea of the open concept and, because of this, we have begun seeing large indoor kitchen areas that open into living rooms and dining rooms. Along those same lines, islands in the kitchen have become larger and more uniquely shaped than they were in the past. Expect to see the use of thin brick increase in these areas, especially for fireplaces, islands, and unique backsplashes. 

#4 Fire Features Will be Hot Whether they are found indoors or outdoors, fireplaces and fire features, composed of a variety of interesting fire-proof materials, are a definite must-have. These features can serve as a cozy nook or focal point for a large room or outside entertainment area and can be found in most Artisan Built Communities’ new homes. 

#5 Here Comes the Sunroom, Again.... A trend that began in mid-2018 will continue. Sunrooms, featuring large windows and great views, are very popular, multipurpose rooms for any home. Natural building elements such as brick or stone for the floor can further enhance this room, especially if evergreen plants are included in the design mix for the ultimate fireside retreat.

 #6 Rooms Composed of Mixed Textures Will Be Popular The new rule in the types and combinations of interior building materials is simple: There is no rule. Combining rough-hewn wood with brick or stone for walls, along with slate floors and large, wooden beams on the ceiling are just some of the thousands of ways homeowners can make a bold statement. Floor-to-ceiling fireplaces in family rooms continue to show up in new construction. These fireplaces are dramatic when constructed of stone or brick and reclaimed wood. 

#7 Welcome Home to Your Office The trend of working from home or being self-employed has been prevalent for several years and it will continue to affect home design. The blurring of live-work boundaries and changing social needs are affecting the kinds of homes buyers want, especially as more and more people work remotely or are self-employed. This creates a need for work spaces in the home, whether it’s a home office space or a live-work unit. The loft look continues to be popular. Exposed brick walls, industrial lighting and reclaimed wood all add to the charm of this home design. 

#8 Natural Finishes Give the Home Organic Appeal  Brick, stone, reclaimed wood, and even bamboo, are being incorporated in more and more new homes because these elements give the room a warm and cozy feel. Whether it’s finishing the fireplace with smooth river rock or using real wood for a kitchen butcher block, it’s all about bringing the calm and serenity of the outdoors inside. Finishing decor off with plenty of greenery (think succulents and houseplants) brings balance to heavier materials. 

#9 Living Rooms are Going Unplugged Technology, in the form of the internet, portable tablets, and interactive gadgets of all sorts and sizes, is being banished from the living room to another room in the house for “time out.” With family time being at a premium, the ubiquitous computers and screens will move to another area of the home while the living room goes unplugged. 

#10 Bathroom Mirrors Will Make a Statement The bathrooms of a home continue to evolve. The mirror is not just a rectangle. It’s the centerpiece of the room. Using a pattern or mosaic of thin brick as a frame for the large bathroom mirror can be a showstopper for the entire room. The texture of the brick is a great juxtaposition with the glass of the mirror. Plus, some mirrors are even digitally enabled.

 Design Trends That Are On Their Way Out. 

• Nautical motifs - Seashells, sailor’s rope and (especially) anchors, should be cast away. 

• Edison light bulbs - This design shines for a while, but it’s burned out now. 

• Tufted headboards - They were once “glam” but now design “spam.” 

• Tuscan kitchens - They were everywhere in the early 2000’s, but it’s time to say Arrivederci! 

• Damask - Once hot for wallpaper and curtains, but it now looks extremely dated. 

• Matching window valances - It’s no longer cool to have curtains, valances and furniture that matches. 

• Mason jar mania - Put a lid on it and bring on the hand-crafted vases instead. 

• Wicker furniture - It’s so 80’s and 90’s. Time for a bright sofa instead. 

• Hollywood mirror lights - The popularity of these bright lights have dimmed. 

• Vertical blinds - RIP to this annoying relic. Invest is some curtains. They’re easier to open and close!



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